In some ways, we are still reeling from the illness and infection of months ago. In some ways, that time has changed the way I view things. Yesterday, I found a pressure sore on Esther-Faith’s ankle–possibly caused by her KAFOs. My sister cautioned that I should not overreact. And I found myself defending my concern… that nothing feels like an overreaction with Esther-Faith’s medical care.

And that sore appeared just days after she started to walk with her “crunches” instead of her walker. A victory to be sure. A victory we were close to before her hospitalization in January. A victory we were told she would “never” have.

But SHE DID IT. And with each tiny, shaky step, I felt our whole family slowly moving forward from the chaos and fear of those months.

Sometimes I wonder what people think when I get so excited that my almost-five-year-old daughter is walking with crutches instead of a walker. Most of the time I don’t care. She has never done anything on the “typical” timeline. Which makes each victory sweeter. And each step more beautiful than the one before.

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