‘Tis the Season!

Here it is again! It’s November!

Time to pack up all the summer clothes, the picnic blankets, and turn the clocks back.

I don’t know about you, but I often lament this time of year for one other BIG reason: hibernation.

My little dude has junky lungs. His immune system is just not up to snuff. Therefore, he catches everything that comes down the pike.

So, November to March we practice social distancing and self-imposed hibernation. My family has a large coronation ceremony on Halloween where they declare me Queen of the Lysol Can, and bestow on me the Scepter of Clorox Wipes. Hand sanitizer is placed in various and sundry places in the house.

While this may sound fine and dandy…there happens to be a few big issues between November and March. Namely: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

We have spent the past couple years making friends and family mad because we just can’t take him around a bunch of sick, hacking, sneezing people. While I would love to see the family, and visit with friends—I would hate to see my son lay in a hospital bed because of it.

I need help. I’m not good at tempering my sarcasm (no, really?) and getting our friends to understand. They seem to think that it’s no big deal. I mean, you know, “everyone needs a pound or two of germs…stop over-reacting, Heather!”

Are you a social distancer? A Hibernator? Wanna come over for Christmas dinner?

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