Flinching No More

I used to flinch every time I heard these phrases come out of some well-meaning person:

You’re so lucky! You got your girl!

I have all boys. You’re so lucky you have a girl!

I love having girls. You are going to LOVE having a girl!

I flinched because in my mind, I was thinking “I didn’t get my girl”. Because that’s exactly how I felt for a long time.

That I was cheated out of the girl I was “supposed” to get.

We wouldn’t go shopping together. We wouldn’t have fights over boys. I wouldn’t help her pick out a homecoming dress or a wedding dress. I wouldn’t get to watch her be a mother.

I wanted to scream at these people “I DIDN’T GET MY GIRL, OK?!?”

But as the years went by, and I became wiser, I realized that I did get my girl. We do have special things that we do together. No, I won’t get to help her pick out a wedding dress or watch her become a mother. But we do go shopping. We do watch movies and read books together. We are best friends.

So now, instead of flinching, when someone says “You’re so lucky you got your girl!” I smile and say…

I know. I am really lucky.

This is my first post as a writer for 5 Minutes for Special Needs. I wanted to say thank you for having me; I’m thrilled to be here!

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