Opportunities for Learning and Reconnecting

These past few weeks we’ve been swamped with school projects, meetings, and sick family members. It’s been difficult to stay connected as a family and to find activities that help keep the kids engaged and excited. This week we decided to put together some activities that we could do as a family that provide opportunities for fun and well as learning. Since Sunday we’ve tried the following:

–Stargazing: Zoe was the inspiration behind this one. Her class is doing a unit on astronomy, so we went out into the backyard and just sat there looking up at the sky. We had a wonderful time, talking about what we saw in the sky, and Zoe was really motivated to ask questions and participate in conversation. We were out there for just 15 minutes—Zoe started to lose her interest and focus then—but it was a great activity that we will certainly try again.

–Board Games: My kids were never much for playing board games. In the first place, they tend to lose patience after a short time. Also, some games we’ve tried were age appropriate for Zoe but not necessarily for Ayden. This time we set a time limit on the game (so they would know exactly how long the game would last) and got a game that everyone could enjoy: Monopoly (The SpongeBob Squarepants Version). Not only did the kids stay engaged in the game, but it made for a great math lesson about money.

–Pet Care: We have a new family member. His name is Swims, and he’s a blue Beta fish we got from the pet store this week. I was initially reluctant to get a pet, because I wasn’t sure the kids would take an interest in caring for one. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only are they taking care of him, but the kids are now inspired to learn all they can about caring for fish. Who knew they’d enjoy it so much? I don’t even need to remind them to feed Swims!

What about you? What activities do your kids enjoy? Post a comment or send me an email at [email protected]. Thanks!

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