Happy Birthday Precious!

Precious turned 5 this week.

Her birthday party took place last Sunday. We booked it a local grocery store which runs cooking classes for kids and adults. The kids made pizza with their own dough and toppings, then fruit salad, then cupcakes that looked like reindeer. The cupcakes became their loot bag. While the pizza was cooking, the kids sat at the big dining table and ate their fruit salad, then their pizza, then the Dora cake. They all had cute Kool-Aid mustaches. It’s true that kids are more likely to eat something when they helped make it themselves. Not that that’s usually an issue with Precious! She eats well and isn’t too picky, unless she’s imitating someone else who has turned their nose up at the food.But the best part of the party was how Precious interacted with the other kids. Her brother and sister were there, and they had each brought a friend. There are 10 girls in Precious’ kindergarten class, and all of them were invited. Two couldn’t make it, but that made 8 girls from the same class. I was so excited to see how sweet the girls were, and how everyone played together. Precious was right in there with them and she seemed to be respecting their personal space, which can sometimes be an issue for her.

Precious and one other little girl in particular seemed to really get along. They even sat together at the table! My heart was singing to see her fitting it with her classmates from our local public school.

The little girls all brought gifts and Precious was gracious and thanked each girl.

The early child educator who works in Precious’ class told me that at their morning ‘share circle’ the day after the party, all the girls were talking about how much fun they had.

I have to agree that it was a great party.

How do you celebrate your child’s birthday? Do you have a party? Do you go somewhere or stay home? How big is the party? Who’s invited?

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