Try This Tuesday #18: Speech Game

Try This Tuesday

This week, Rickismom from beneath the wings shares a fun way to emphasize the use and meaning of pronouns through a game.

by Rickismom

I want to present an easy, very useful game to teach the words “I”, “YOU”, “WE”, and “THEY”. These words are confusing, due to the fact that the terms are relative to the situation and who the speaker is. They are not words you can match to an object.

The idea for this game is not mine. It is Libby Kumin’s idea. If you have a child with Down syndrome and do not recognize the name, check out her books at Woodbine House. They are worth every cent!!! The drawings below I made to show and explain Dr. Kumin’s idea.


You, the special needs child, and one or two friends. A ball.


  • Have the children (and you) throw the ball one to the other.
  • Whoever has the ball says “I have the ball.”
  • In addition, you, the facilitator, tell the child with special needs “They” / “We” / “You” have the ball (see pictures below).

When you (the facilitator) have the ball:

When you (the facilitator) have the ball

When another child has the ball:

When another student has the ball

When two other children have the ball together:

When two other students have the ball

When the special needs child has the ball:

When the special needs child has the ball

Have fun!

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