Handling Holiday Frenzy

Well, the countdown has officially begun; the holiday season is rapidly approaching. For some of us, that equals lots of activity, more time in the kitchen, and stress. In the last few years I’ve made a concerted effort not to let myself get bogged down by the idea of a perfect holiday. I have accepted that I am not Martha Stewart, nor do I have Martha’s minions working in my kitchen to make the holidays go by without a hitch.

The person who has the hardest time over the holidays is Zoe. Between the unavoidable changes in schedule, the loud parties, the sweets, the lights, and the smells of the holidays, my poor daughter is usually over stimulated and exhausted before New Year’s Eve. Over the years I’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible here at home; I don’t go too heavy on the lights and decorations, and the only thing that’s scented here is the pine smell of a freshly-cut Christmas tree. But I can’t take Zoe to the mall during holiday time without experiencing a full-on meltdown; even I have a hard time with all the twinkling lights and the smell of cinnamon-coated pinecones. Cue the sensory overload alert!

What do you find helps with keeping your little ones (or big ones!) calm and engaged during this busy time of year? Post your comments here, or email me at [email protected]

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