Terror On The Tushie

It is to be expected that after a PSARP surgery there will be diaper rash.

Terrible diaper rash.

In my attempt to be optimistic (see if I ever do that again) I surmised that since none of my other kids ever had issues with diaper rash then perhaps Parker would be spared too horrid a case of Sore Bum Syndrome.

Then again maybe not.

Oh, the first few days we held out hope. We even felt a bit smug that we had perhaps beat the odds and were only going to experience a mild case of what we had heard could be such a terrifying experience.

It was nice while it lasted.

Parker’s poor tush. It is red and sore and very warm to the touch.

Yesterday we logged in over 36 diaper changes.

His new designer heiny is certainly making up for lost time.

We’ve been washing Parker’s bum with warm water, a gentle cleaner and cloth wipes. We blow dry the area on a cool setting. We’re using every recipe in our arsenal.


And still the Brave Hero hurts.

So, I’m coming to beg ask for ideas.

What have you used successfully on tender tushies when covered in rashes? We were told that the best solution is simply the one that works for you.

Or, in other words, you’re on your own Mom.

Take a moment and in the comment section share your tried and true solutions to a very painful problem

It would certainly help a little guy out.


As an interesting side note though, Parker has always chosen butt-hopping as his favorite form of transportation. However it now seems that hopping on a sore rear end has proven to no longer be quite as feasible.

Yup, Parker has finally decided that crawling is a pretty good idea after all.

Poor kid.

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