Let’s Cure CP

I’m excited to write this post about a Non-Profit I’m on the board of. The organization is called Let’s Cure CP and we are focused on funding research related to curing Cerebral Palsy. There is no cure for CP today and there is little research being done to look for a cure because there are no regenerative cells in the brain.

Cerebral Palsy is damage caused to the brain tissue due to some form of trauma, like lack of oxygen or stroke.

Internationally there has been some research and treatment’s performed using stem cell therapy but in the US there just hasn’t been much done. Let’s Cure CP’s mission is to fund the support of Cerebral Palsy research done here in the US. There are currently three types of Stem Cell therapy we support and the following graphic should provide you an overview of what we are supporting.

We have only been operating since April and in that time we have funded the initial round of research at Medical College of Georgia and we just submitted a check for $10,000 to University of Texas Houston so they can apply to be the first Autogoulous study performed in CP patients in the US. We need to raise an additional $40,000 for when the project is approved to move forward. If your interested in donating please do so at LetsCureCP.org.

If you have questions, would like to spread the word or just want to talk about stem cells and their promise related to Cerebral Palsy please feel free to reach out to me at kevin [at] metzgerbusiness [dot] com or you can reach us at letscurecp [at] gamil [dot] com.

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