Dear Santa,

Last year when everything went haywire and Ivy was covered in painful blisters and so very sick, my Christmas wish was for answers.

I remember specifically asking you for this, when nobody would listen to me and when there were no doctors who would help us.

On Christmas Eve, when Ivy was unwell and weak, I made a last wish to you.
It was on my list.

I asked for her to be well for Christmas day.

I must have been very naughty because I didn’t get either of my wishes that Christmas and I was angry with you, Santa.

Really angry.

We spent last Christmas in and out of the hospital and it was horrible. The kids were sad that their family was not together. I was sad, even my mother was sad.

Christmas, for Ivy was a time of misery.

It’s that time of year again, Santy and in the spirit of the season I am willing to forgive and forget because this Christmas, this holiday season, we are all going to be together and my only wish is to see Ivy smile.

To see her wake up on Christmas morning, with a sparkle in her eyes is the greatest gift I could ever get.

I hope you’ll come through this year.

I think we’ve both earned it.



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