Try This Tuesday #20: Gearing Up for the Holidays

Try This Tuesday

Edited to add: Although I am making a topic suggestion, you are always free to post about any situation or ideas that you wish to share. And if you do decide to write about holiday tips sometime this month, you can link them to whichever TTT is most current (you don’t have to come back to this one!). Thanks. 🙂

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, we thought it might be helpful to share some of the tips and tricks that get us through the challenges that may arise during the festivities.

Sometime over the next four weeks, we would love to hear your ideas for the following situations (or any others that you can think of):

  • Decorating and other changes of the environment or schedule at home
  • Parties and other changes of routine at school, including extended breaks
  • Holiday get togethers with family or friends
  • Maintaining a special diet or medication schedule when traveling
  • Larger crowds when out shopping or attending religious services
  • Giving and receiving gifts
  • Understanding the meaning behind the holiday you are celebrating
  • Handling the return to “regular life” when the festivities are over

One of our regular participants, Danette at Everyday Adventures, posted her road-tested Travel Tips a couple of weeks ago, and I would encourage those of you who will be traveling this month to check them out.

Please join in and share the creative solutions YOU have found to your own challenges, or feel free to post your own challenge for input from others. For more details on how to participate, click here.

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