Using language to describe differences. A game.

I remember grabbing the Sunday comics and looking one piece in particular: “Can You Find 5 Differences Between These Pictures”. At a casual glace, the two pictures would look exactly the same. I would search and search for the differences.

And finally, there it was. A difference! Then I’d be motivated to search for the next one and the next one.

By itself, this visual game is great for strengthening those neural connections. But by adding a verbal piece to the task, it now becomes a language activity.

Can you describe the differences between these pictures?

Now the child must not only use their visual skills, but also their ability to compare and contrast with adjectives, nouns, prepositions, and verbs.

There are a plethora of resources for doing this activity including:
-My new find for the holidays the above image is from this site
-2 pictures from your own collection taken at similar times or similar places
-Picture books
-Draw you own!

Add some cooperation to the activity by having kids work together and see how quickly they can find the differences.

Have fun and happy talking!

CC is a Speech-Pathologist and mom of two. You can find her blogging at If Only I Had Super Powers.

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