What a difference…

…A good health care provider can be! As with most special needs parents, I have dealt with a lot of care providers. Some of them will leave an imprint in your mind forever. Sometimes it’s the terrible experiences you’ve had and also the complete opposite. It’s almost like customer service. If you have a bad customer service experience you’re likely to tell everyone you know about it. There are some rare occasions though that great customer service sticks with you.

Jillian started with physio therapy just after she turned 1. Our PT rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. Jillian would start crying as soon as she entered the room. Our PT would then look at Jillian, watch her cry and leave after about 5-10 minutes. Oh and don’t let me forget her PT session was supposed to be an hour.

We started at Holland Bloorview on Christmas Eve. Our new PT was VERY thorough in her exam with Jillian. Jillian didn’t cry AT ALL. She did ask to stop, but we managed to talk her through it. We went back to Bloorview on Monday. Anxious, I wanted to see how it would be. Jillian (and Lauren) got along well with our PT. I especially love it when people include Lauren in with whatever they’re doing. Lauren spends a lot of time with Jillian and just because she’s young, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t part of Jillian’s care team.

On our way onto the floor where her appointment was, we saw another therapist taking a child for a walk with a walker. Both girls watched. Lauren decided to tell me that Jillian needs one of those and I had jokingly brought it up with her physiotherapist. She said she would bring us a walker to try at the end of the session. I was floored! A walker. REALLY!? I tried to contain my excitement. I even posted on facebook that I was anxiously holding my breath and nervous and excited. The comments poured in supporting Jillian and I (How awesome is social media?!). As our session was ending our new physiotherapist, Amber, brought in 2 walkers for Jillian to try. Lauren and I were watching with anticipation. Amber set up the walker and placed Jillian in it. Jillian wasn’t sure what to think, but, look! Picture proof!

And her feet are even almost flat!! WAHOO! I am SO proud of my little girl. She really wasn’t too sure when we started, so hopefully it’ll become more of a routine soon.

I am so thankful for great medical professionals who take the time to work WITH me instead of AGAINST me. And hopefully some day soon, Jillian will be walking and after all of her hard work and strength.

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