Dear Mean People: You Suck

Dear Mean People,

You know that saying, “Mean People suck.” Well, it’s true.

I don’t understand (maybe because I was raised better) how people can be so judgmental and so cruel sometimes. Seriously, how hard is it to mind your own business? Can’t you just go about your lives the way we go about ours without sneering and staring and doing mean stuff? It’s not hard. It’s called COMPASSION and PATIENCE. And UNDERSTANDING. But since you’re mean, and you suck, you probably don’t possess any of those.

Case in point: Putting my child on the bus. Every morning we wait in the foyer because Ian tends to run away. Sometimes. Ok, often. He’s a regular Houdini. So we wait inside because if we wait outside, he runs in the street, runs up and down the street, gets a wee bit antsy. When the bus pulls up, we walk out the door, the driver turns on the lights and we board the bus. Once we are ON THE BUS, the driver flips off the lights, so cars can go around us. I stand at the top of the bus steps and wait for them to belt Ian into his harness (he also climbs out of his seat on moving vehicles. Sometimes he jumps out of moving vehicles. Yes, Houdini) because I FEEL HE IS SAFER if I stand there and block the door so he can’t run back out and around the side of the bus and look at the stop sign and flashing lights. And he has done that. So. I get on the bus with him, and if necessary, hold him down so he can be strapped in. He has occasionally arched his back and refused to sit.

Then I get off the bus (after telling the drivers to have a good day and kissing my boy on the cheek) and wave good bye as they pull away.

Now, that whole process takes about two minutes. That’s One hundred twenty seconds, for those of you not good at math.

This is what I don’t get, mean people, why do you call the transportation department of our school district and complain that:

a) it took too long for my son to get on the bus.

2) That the bus sits in front of my house for far too long every day

D) That I get on the bus and talk and chat with the bus drivers, holding up traffic

You’re kidding, right? You actually called and COMPLAINED that my SEVERELY DISABLED CHILD takes too long to get on the bus? I’m gonna venture out on a limb here and guess that you are one of those folks that uses our wee neighborhood as a cut through to get to Route 420 and you’re one of the people that has to stop for ONE TO TWO MINUTES to wait while my child gets on the bus safely. And you’re one of the people that gives me a dirty look or honks while my child is being loaded on the SPECIAL NEEDS BUS. And no doubt you’re also one of the people who speeds through when you are late, blowing the stop signs, while the “typical kids” cross the street to wait on the corner for their bus and then go around the bus while they are loading, honking and flipping the bird. JUST A GUESS.

So. Mean people. You suck.  Just sayin‘.


Mom who has more patience in her pinky finger than you have in your body. Times ten.

PS – Tomorrow we’re gonna take twice as long to board. So there.

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