I Have A Dream!

Martin Luther King Jr. -- A Family Man

I know, I’m late to the party weighig in on the legacy that is Martin Luther King Jr. But I post on Saturdays and Martin Luther King Jr. Day was Monday. Thing is, it really REALLY hit me on Monday just how thankful I am to this remarkable man who gave his life fighting for the simple God-given rights that were being denied his people. This year, I felt sooooo thankful to Martin Luther King Jr. and all the people of color that stood with him to change the way the world sees and treats their particular minority. In thinking about the extraordinary discrimination people of color suffered in the days preceeding Dr. King’s stand, I’m saddened that they had to fight for the simplest rights… to sit on a bus with others not of their color, to drink from the same water fountain, to attend their local school with other children not of their persuasion. THAT’S when it hit me… Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers fought for the rights of MY CHILDREN with special needs!

The anti-discrimination laws that Dr. King fought for and won, the laws that were put in place to protect the rights of people of color, are the very laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities… and every minority population that suffers discrimination.

MY CHILDREN get to ride the bus with everyone else, eat in the same the cafeteria, attend our local public school, sit in a classroom with “majority” or “typical” children. Yes, minorities — people with special needs, people of color and other minorities — still have a way to go to be included without a fight. But it’s a fight I’ve been fighting for the last 5 years… because I suddenly had an up-close-and-personal view of discrimination against minorities.

Yes, I’m following in the worthy footsteps of Dr. King and his movement. Yes, I’m late to the party (like I said above). Yes, it’s better late than never! Come, join the movement that fights peacefully for the rights of minorities — including our children with special needs. Dr. King’s concept of “somebodiness” was a celebration of human worth. Be part of that celebration and the solution it begs! Like Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream” and working together we can achieve it! 

Thank you Dr. King and thank you to all the folks fighting to end discrimination of minorities.



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