Try This Tuesday #23: Accepting Help

Try This Tuesday

I don’t have any amazing new strategy or must-have item to make your life easier this week, just a story about what happened to me this weekend.

I hadn’t been feeling too well since last Monday, but assumed it was just a really bad cold, so I said goodbye to my husband as he went off to Virginia for a four-night trip without any qualms. In fact, I had lots of plans of what we would get done as well as some fun things planned for me and Michael.

On Saturday morning, I woke up feeling even worse and quickly realized that I should get myself checked out by the doctor in case something more serious was going on. I called my friend to cancel our plans to make holiday treats together, and she responded by offering to watch Michael while I waited at the walk-in clinic and telling me to come home and take a nap after that. I readily accepted, as spending the afternoon in a waiting room with a six-year old was not an appealing prospect to me.

When I called her later in the day with the news that I had scarlet fever (basically a viral version of strep throat), she immediately offered to keep Michael overnight and bring him home after dinner on Sunday. My first instinct was to refuse and have her bring him home. After all, she had lots of things to do for the holidays as well, plus she had to do our projects by herself, and I shouldn’t impose on her any longer than I already had.

But as I thought about how tired I was and how wonderful it would be to rest without interruption, I realized that what I really SHOULD do was say yes and thank you and simply accept the gift I was being given. So I did.

I feel so blessed to have friends who give of themselves to others. It is an encouragement to me to do the same whenever I can, but it is also a reminder to accept help when it is needed and is being offered with a willing heart.

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