Take time for…Me?

What does the phrase above even mean?! While I was still pregnant with Lauren, mothers a few times over always offered this gem of advice “Take time for you”. Ok. I get that. I was a person before I became a mother, makes sense. After Lauren was born, I wondered if those people telling me to take time for themselves actually took their own advice. Here I am, struggling through parenthood one meltdown at a time. Throw in a special needs child and you’ve got yourself a party!

Another bonus for our family is that we’re pretty isolated here, we don’t have someone we could call to babysit our children. (I really think I should try to find myself a teenager!) After Jillian was discharged from the NICU, we had weekly doctors appointments and plus I was still trying to get used to the idea that I had two kids to take care of. Where’d that “me” time go? Once I got into a routine of having a crazy schedule day after day with Jillian’s therapies, that “me” time again, got lost.

We had met a social worker through Holland Bloorview and she had asked me the last time I had time for me. I said “Um. When I was hospitalized last year for 3 days with a migraine?” She then responded with “that doesn’t count”. I said “I get to go grocery shopping every weekend, usually by myself” she then concluded that wasn’t enough either. I felt like saying “Sure, give me a couple extra hours in each day so I can get a break” Too bad it doesn’t work like that!

I finally had the opportunity for some quality “me” time. I flew to Nova Scotia for one of my best friend’s wedding. 4 days of pure bliss. Although, I DID miss my family. But, it was well worth it since I came back relaxed. Since that fateful trip to Nova Scotia in July, I’ve managed to attend Blissdom Canada and then my best friend’s son’s funeral- which I don’t really count as “me” time.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through the new statuses on my facebook wall and noticed a post from Holland Bloorview. They’re looking for family members for a parental advisory committee. I immediately thought this would be something I’d be interested in and shot an e-mail off. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long and I learned there would be an information session held last Tuesday. I went, not exactly sure what I was in for. I figured the least I could get out of it was some uninterrupted “me” time.

Thankfully the meeting went REALLY well, very informative and interesting. I even stayed behind afterwards to get a tour of the hospital, since all of Jillian’s clinics have been located on the 2nd floor. I jumped at this chance and had a formal interview on Friday afternoon.

During my interview, Lauren and Jillian went to the playroom. It was Jillian’s first time and she was SO excited! Thankfully, the playroom gives parents beepers, so, if we’re needed, we can go to the playroom. I think this is definitely for my peace of mind since my girls didn’t even say goodbye.

After my interview, I went to the playroom to pick up the girls. They both decided they wanted to stay and I could go somewhere else. I decided to grab a coffee and magazine and wait. I enjoyed a whole LARGE coffee and a WHOLE magazine (cover to cover) and then decided to check on the girls. I then realized I had nothing else to do, so, I facebooked: “I don’t know what to do with myself!! My interview is done, girls are still playing and they don’t want to leave. I enjoyed a coffee and read a WHOLE magazine. Is this me time?!”

During my interview I was asked if I got this coveted “me” time. I said no. The lovely lady doing my interview said something like “You DO know that if you need a break, you can bring the girls here and take one, right?” Wait. What?! I really think I heard a choir of angels singing from the heavens. I was under the impression that we had to be at the hospital for an appointment to use the room. I told her that was a very dangerous thing to tell me. I might become a morning person, JUST for that reason!! If I managed a coffee AND magazine the last time, maybe this time I could pee in peace!! Woah.

So, as I start this exciting venture of “me” time, what do you do to unwind? Do you get time for you often?

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