How Prepared Are YOU?

In the case of an emergency how prepared would you be?

Did you know that upwards of 15 states have had a significant portion of their population lose power for a day, and in many cases, more? Much more.

How about those who have had to grab their bug out bags and flee fires and hurricanes?

Our family lives in a zone where the thought is, ‘Not IF there is an earthquake, but WHEN there is an earthquake.’

What about the families who have lost jobs? Their homes? The shirts off their backs in the stock market?

It’s been a rough year. And not just in the USA. Worldwide riots, floods, earthquakes have left their marks.

If you found yourself in one of these situations how prepared would you be?

Do you have a bug out bag? An evacuation plan? A place to meet up in case of an emergency? How about a little bit of cash on hand to tide you over for a few days or so?

Typically, families are taught to stock up on food, and have alternative sources of power, heat and cooking available.

But as a family with one or more members who have special needs, how do you prepare for no power, heat, mail services coming to a grinding halt? (One of Parker’s meds, his oxygen supplies and special formula are shipped via FedEx and UPS)

What if, in an attempt to balance budgets, some dingbat decides that cutting Medicaid would be a grand idea? Do you have a plan in place to handle a development such as that?

A bug out bag for Parker would need to include trach supplies, bottles of oxygen, g-tube supplies, and a whole lotta meds.

What about for one of your kids?

How will you handle oxygen needs? Medication? Special diets? Medical supplies?

Reed and I have been contemplating being prepared, not only as a typical family, but as a special needs family.

If you found yourself in an emergency situation, would you be prepared?

Those of you who have found yourselves in an emergency situation, what worked well? What did you learn? What would you do differently?

Tell me what your emergency plans are for you special needs kids. List your ideas, websites, resources and any questions YOU may have in the comments section.

Later I’ll compile a list of all the ideas gathered. If we put our heads together just think of the amazing resource we can create.

Who knows what 2009 may bring. Let’s be prepared.

PS: If anyone has any websites were parents trade medical stuff they are no longer using, PLEASE list those in the comment section too.

You can also find Tammy and Parker hanging out at their other blog: Praying for Parker

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