A Sensory Trip

Here in Northeast Ohio, it was a beautiful Friday. Today, I took my son and my mother on a little road trip. I’ll call it a sensory trip because it was so nice to be out with out having to think about the roads. Those miserable roads have been ice covered, snow covered, and the snow was so packed down on drive ways and parking lots it was like “pot hole alleys”. Some so groved that it was like be sucked into a vortex. But anyway, my son sat in his carseat in the back and my mother in the passenger seat. Sun glasses on, enjoying being out of the house and we weren’t even heading to any appointments. NONE! It was wonderful. This month has been busy with appointments, if not for my son then for my mother. Today was a fun day. My son rode with his head down complaining (vocal babbling) about the sun being on his side. I promised him we’d install that sun shade soon so he didn’t have to deal with that, in the mean time, he made it clear he wasn’t as excited about the sun as we were. He laughed at the Semi-trucks buzzing by us. All the noises that get muted when the windows are up. Not that they weren’t up, after all it was only 60 degrees, but everything seemed to be “happy” today. The birds were singing, the snow was melted (minus the king of the hill moutains of white now dirty grey). We drove about an hour to a bakery. Yes, it’s not unusual for us to drive for food. But it was SOOO nice out and we got my mom out of the house. This is where she wanted to go, so that’s were we went. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH the smells in the bakery! The visions of delicious pastries, cookies, cakes and connolies….OH MY Goodness! So all that for a few items and headed back toward home. You may think what’s the big deal? Sometimes you just have to roll with it, my mom doesn’t like the winter and worries over how the streets are in bad weather. She also experiences the, what i call, the “Winter Funk”. The only time I could get her out of the house was for appointments or Chemotherapy. So this trip was wonderful, just to get out of the house. My son was having a ball in the back seat on the way back, the sun was on the other side. Soon I hope it’ll be around a lot more, but this is Ohio, and we can wait 10 minutes and it’ll change again. Tonight appears to be very windy as I can hear the windows rattling. 

How do you enjoy your “nice” weather days? Do you have any traditions of travels? Is there somewhere you just like to go to get away? Tell me about it…always looking for something new to try out 🙂

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