I Can’t Stand The Thought of Missing Something Again

Today, early in the morning, we’re headed out for an eval.

B is my concern. He’s my #3, my last, my Momma’s boy. I love him as I love the others and I’ve watched him closely, as I’ve watched O. Most of the issue centers around his speech, his annunciation or lack of it. There are times when I have to decipher what he’s saying and relay it to his own dad because he can be so hard to understand.

He also has a tendency to line things up. Not obsessively as J did before we had any kind of clue what was going on, but if things are out of order, he orders them. Open doors will be shut, things put in their place, objects hoarded neatly into whatever container is available; lunch box type containers being the preference. Don’t bother trying to undue what he has organized in his life or in his mind for what’s to happen next.

Routine is necessary but not in all situations. He needs to have his room the same way at night before he goest to bed. He needs to tell me the same things, roughly in the same order yet he can just go with whatever we’re doing for the day. He spins, he puts himself upside down, he seems to seek input. He plays with others, but prefers to be alone many times…. really, not that it *really* sounds like autism, but I have to tell you the truth….

And the truth is, we were steered away from what was actually happening to and with J for so long, that I’m scared to death to miss anything – anything – with my kiddos again. So, language might need some work, the rest might be what it is…but still, I have to know, because I don’t want to make another mistake.

Do you ever feel this way?

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