A Positive OT appointment!

We’ve had MANY therapists. We started with the usual suspects, early intervention physiotherapy, occupational therapy and a quick trip to speech language pathology (not to mention OTHER specialists like neurology,¬†ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, hypertonia clinic, etc) before Jillian wanted to prove everyone wrong and say “oh wait! Yes, I was delayed with babbling, but now I’ll talk your ear off!” During those first few months (ok… closer to a year or more) our life was hectic. We had appointments every day of every week sometimes. Throughout our journey, we didn’t really get along with our occupational therapists. Except for one, who used to be my friend and did some OT work with Jillian on the side- but that is another topic for another post.

Finally after almost 2 years of therapy (holy crap…) we have FINALLY had a good OT assessment! When Jillian is in new situations, she doesn’t talk. She takes everything in and then responds accordingly. Our first visit with our new OT, she was just doing some general paperwork and asking me if I thought SLP (speech language pathology) should be involved. Both myself and Jillian’s PT laughed and said that we think we’re good. Jillian then spoke to me and shocked the OT. (I really think Jillian does this for kicks… Waits until people think she CAN’T do something and then she shocks them!)

After our initial assessment, we needed to do some more in depth assessments. Basically the OT would look at her range of motion and all that fun stuff. I explained to our OT that I would take pictures for my husband and mother in law’s behalf. I want them to feel that they’re apart of this, even though they can’t be with us at the appointments.

The assessment started easily enough, reaching to give hi fives, grabbing blocks, toys, etc. Jillian was getting a little stubborn, but our new OT quickly moved to something else to keep her entertained. I had no idea what to expect, so I just sat, poised with my phone waiting to take pictures. Our OT then began to get Jillian to build a tower with blocks. Apparently kids her age should be able to get 2-3 blocks. Jillian made it to 7. I sat there a little in shock, wondering how the heck she did that. But, she did it three times, so, no fluke there. However, check out the concentration!

After a few more exercises, the final task was to jump ahead to something the OT figured Jillian couldn’t do, based on her age. I swear, Jillian heard our OT say that she shouldn’t be able to do this. Keep in mind Jillian is only 29 months old (and really? Only 26.5 months). This skill was set for 3.5-4 year olds. So… Lauren’s age. Our OT pulled out a small square bead and a piece of plastic string. Showed Jillian how to thread the bead on the string. Jillian watched a few times, the OT then gave it to her and Jillian (through MUCH concentration) managed to DO IT! I was SO proud!! I clapped and everything. Tried to get it on video, but no such luck. Hopefully I’ll have something exciting to share next week!

So? How about all of you? Have your kids mastered any new skills??

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