The light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting brighter, yo!

Most people want to start the year with resolutions about losing weight, calling their mother more frequently or keeping their house cleaner.


Our resolution is this: Only one hospital stay this year.

Can I get an AMEN?!

Because we’re already scheduled for it and if all goes well it makes all further hospital visits a non-issue.

Peyton’s scheduled to have her port removed on Friday. No more port means no more fever induced hospital stays to check for infection, no more three day stays for no good reason. OH, the crazy relief!

They’re going to put her under anesthesia, they are going to cut into her skin, they are going to dig out a piece of equipment that’s helped her get through treatment for two and half years.

And she’ll be done with it. This is the last big milestone.

This is how we are feeling about the surgery.


We, who worry about everything from rashes to mishappen toes, are pretty much sailing on this surgery. Part of the ability to actually get excited about surgery is the way Peyton’s eyes light up and she clasps her hands and hops up and down while squealing, “I’m getting my port out! I’m getting my port out!”

Because, really? Who can’t get behind that!?

When that port comes out, it’s goodbye to the last physical tie to her cancer. That port has been a part of our lives since day #2, it’s been the vehicle used to pump her body full of toxic chemicals and life-sustaining blood products.

I cannot tell you how happy we are to know that it’s going to be gone from her body.

Yes, our excitement really does outweigh our worry right now.

Talk to me on Friday, might be another story.

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