Healthcare ALERT

Image from WSJ Article

An important article appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Feb 28th.

Titled DEFINING ESSENTIAL CARE, the article explained that regulators are hard at work defining which benefits will require coverage (essential) under the new health care law which launches in 2014.

The issue for special needs parents is the debate between “rehabilatitive” and “habilitative” services.

As I read the article I thought back to the MANY YEARS of support services (speech, physical, and occupational therapy) that my Melissa received … with remarkably positive results. If these had not been covered under our insurance, I’m not sure that she would have had the opportunity to benefit from them. It is these services that are being debated by these regulators.

The article does a nice job explaining the issue, so I won’t attempt to replicate it here.

I urge you to spend a minute reading the article so that you are informed about the issues. The article can be found by following this linkĀ


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