The “Ick”

We have been part of the “Ick” people. We try SO hard not to get anything. To not be exposed to any others that are sick, have been sick recently, or that have been exposed to sick. I know impossible. But we really do try to stay germ free. Then it HIT and it didn’t hit gentle. It took everyone as a prisoner, one right after the other. My husband I think was the subject that first got the “ick”. Job hazzard I guess, when you work in a retail store and you help customers, I guess it’s fair that they share theirs with you if you share your knowledge with them. UGH! I did NOT take it well when he brought those messy “ick” germs in this house. And admittingly I did hollar! I know he had no control over it, but it’s not just us that it effects now. My son doesn’t go to school traditionally, we homeschool (less germs). But now that my mom has cancer…we go over and take care of her…WE CAN NOT GET SICK WITH THIS CRUD! “ICK” hit my son Wednesday when I took my mom for her Chemo treatment. His lasted about 4 days, you could tell he was getting better…he was laughing and eating just fine. but that cough still lingers. Then Monday it hit, it hit like a Bases loaded home run ~~grandslam~~ I was down and out. OH MY GOODNESS! I haven’t had anything that bad for a very long time! Thankfully, my husband had Monday & Tuesday off from work, his days off from work. I couldn’t deal with life at all for 2 entire days. I had been run over by a Mack truck, backed over and checked to see if I was still alive and driven completely over again with a wide load trailer. I got hit with it harder than anyone else in the family. My mom said, see you should have gotten the flu shot, maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad. Yes that’s it, I didn’t get the flu shot. My husband got it, my son had gotten it, and I didn’t so I got it worse. See my husband has insurance, my son has insurance, me NONE. Yes I made my son get a flu shot, while I stood there when he got it. My hubby got one at work, he decided since they were doing them, he’d do it. Me…CHICKEN…I do not like needles….no flu shot, although I don’ t think that’s why I got SOO sick, but who knows. 

So, sorry I missed last weeks post!

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