Again with the Changes, Part II

After I posted last week about Zoe’s transition to middle school, I received some excellent feedback here on 5 Minutes for Special Needs. Thanks to Lisa and Donetta for their comments. I also received an email from Abigail, an elementary school special education teacher, and I thought I would share some of her suggestions. Here’s what Abigail suggested:

Take pictures of the staff members at the middle school (teachers, aides, custodians, administrators) for the parents so they can review these pictures with their child over the summer.

Record a video of the school for the student so they can watch it over the summer. You can even record the student’s daily at-school routine (We walk in the door, we turn left, we walk down the hall, and then we see our class, etc.).

At Abigail’s school, they have started to compile a list of parents in the area with kids with special needs who have either gone through or are going through these transitions who have volunteered to be a resource for other parents if they have questions, concerns, and support.

Abigail also said that trips to visit the school really do help, so that is something we are planning to do with Zoe.

If you have any additional suggestions, please leave them here in the comments section or email me at [email protected]

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