Where Red Tape Makes me Lose my Mind

I’m finally on the mend after the weirdest virus/cold I’ve never had! Thankfully, I learned well from my girls and I decided to share with them. In all honesty, I really need to teach them what IS appropriate to share and what isn’t. And I should probably take that lesson myself.

Since Jillian was born, I took pride in the fact that I am her medical advocate. I fight for everything for her. Just when I seem to feel confident and comfortable I’m doing a good job, something has to come and throw me off my game.

You see, Jillian was supposed to receive her first series of Botox injections on the 16th. As in 2 days from today. We met with the hypertonicity clinic, and there was an opening at the next clinic on the 16th. I jumped at it. I want to do as much as I can for Jillian as soon as I can. I got the request paperwork filled out from the clinic and got Adam to fax it from work.

I sat anxiously and called the insurance company. They received the paperwork, they’d be in touch. Monday, I called again, just to find out where they were during the process. They assured me things looked good and we’d hear their decision on Wednesday.

Wednesday came and went, I decided I wouldn’t call them. They finally called on Thursday and I missed the call, since Jillian was inconsolable with a fever of 103 and just wanted to be held. When Adam finally came home, he took over cuddling Jillian and I called the insurance company.

“We’re sorry, Mrs. Peters, Jillian’s claim for Botox has been declined” What?! Excuse me?! WHY?! Apparently because it will be administered at the Hospital for Sick Children and not an outpatient clinic made them deny the claim. I immediately start asking how I can get this rectified, there was no answer. “Have a good day, Mrs. Peters” right. A good day indeed.

I was frustrated, angry, tearful. I came downstairs and told Adam what happened. He was shocked at the outcome, and I didn’t know what else to do. Adam e-mailed me the following morning and said that he’d call the hypertonicity clinic. (This in itself shocked me. I’m the one that usually does the day to day care with Jillian. But, Adam knew how defeated I felt, he stepped up, as he usually does when times get tough). After speaking with the hypertonia clinic, it was decided to write our insurance company again, explaining it was a clinic within the hospital. If that doesn’t work, then we can look at a lower dosing schedule. Instead of 6 months, we’d wait 3 and do less injections each time. I guess this works, but, I’m still frustrated.

So, here I go. Doing what I DON’T do well. Being patient. When it’s in regards of my children, I am not the “sit back and wait” type. So, for you. What red tape have you encountered??

(Look at how determined she is. She deserves this!)

(P.S. March 20 is Cerebral Palsy awareness week and I’m featuring other bloggers on my own blog: Beautiful Side of Hectic, to share their stories about life with Cerebral Palsy. If you’re interested to be featured, please e-mail me- [email protected])

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