Three Little Words

I know it’s not perfect, the medication J is on. But it’s doing something. It’s helping to quiet the activity in his brain…sometimes. It’s helping him to find more words, helping the words to find their place within a sentence, to communicate.

I talk about watching our children’s achievements, however small, but sometimes these achievements appear to others rather than to us. For instance, I received this email from J’s teacher just last week:

“So, the best part of my day was when J looked into my eyes, took my hand and said “I love you Miss A”.

Just I’d share this with you 🙂 “

All I could think was just how touching this was. That he was able to put these words together, express an emotion, a feeling of fondness for someone who works so hard to help him achieve the best within himself. We’ve been fortunate enough to have J put these words together for us, to hear that he’s done this for her, to her, makes me beam with pride.

In the end, my heart aglow, I can only sit back, smile and think…that works for me!

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