My kid is in a wheelchair

I know, shocking right? If you’ve been here before or on my own blog, this will come as no surprise. I’m also a blogger (really, Cheryl. Way to state the obvious) and sometimes I get free products (or tickets) for events as compensation for writing about it.

I got to take the girls to Toy Story 3 on Ice last Tuesday. I was SO excited for the show. Not to mention, I had kept the whole thing a surprise until JUST before leaving our house. We got to the Roger’s Centre early, and got the prerequisite memorabilia for the kids. (I feel like I should say something- I KNOW this isn’t the rep’s fault, it’s clearly the venue’s fault) When we were ushered to our seats, we saw that we were on a platform, above the chairs. (without actual seats for us… They had to grab some free standing seats.)

When we FINALLY got situated (it’s hard work to peel off all of you winter clothing), we looked to see what Jillian could see from her chair. This was her view….

I was a little lost. I didn’t know WHAT I should do. I quickly wrote to the rep and explained. I asked one of the staff members if there was anywhere else we could sit, they said no. We were just going to have to deal with it. I mean, I was TOTALLY polite. But, I guess that didn’t matter. We had to take Jillian out of her chair and prop her on our lap (mostly “W” sitting so she was taller. Lauren couldn’t see over the nice frosted glass wall either. She had to sit on our lap or on her knees on the chair. I was pretty disappointed in the flippant attitude presented to me by the staff. It’s not like I was asking them to give me a kidney!

So, what situations have you found yourself in when it comes to your special needs child?

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