Are Autism Adocates Doing It Right?

Is it possible that many parents NOT involved with Autism know that April is Autism Awareness? Do the circles run so wide as to pass ramblings of projects, awareness, the push for understanding and acceptance for those living with Autism or the discontent with influential sources’ lack of attention to the month trickle into groups that otherwise are not focused on Autism?

Is the shouting to be heard that loud? Is it so loud to rock and rattle windows? Is the demand for help adequate? Is the community doing enough with events like “Autism Understanding & Acceptance” or “All About Autism” or other Autism Awareness events online?

Or is the community doing too much? Shouting in all the wrong ways? Are we exploding our voices in the rant of a spoiled child that demands what we are sure should be delivered? Are we serving our children or doing them a disservice? Are we focusing on the right things, the wrong things, or does anyone outside of parents, caregivers and adults living with Autism even care?

With April right around the corner, I wonder…What do you think?

(Not to sway you, but this is the part where I add my disclaimer. All of the people linked to, I believe, are superior Autism Advocates. They all want what I want, what any parent  wants…what’s best for their child. The question I’m posing, is…what do you think? Should we be doing more? Going about it differently? If you DO NOT have a link to Autism, how aware are you? How much do you “care”?)

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