Irony and Autism

You know what’s awesome? When your kid does something LEAST expected.

For example, when Luke was 3 and was having some behavioral issues in preschool? He kicked a kid for wearing a red shirt because RED FOOD IS EVIL and then months later, red was suddenly his favorite color. Hmmm. How about them apples?

And Ian. Ian isn’t exactly enamored with dogs. He was bitten by a dog a few years ago and since then has been timid and stressed around them (we have had two dogs for a long time, no, it wasn’t our dog that bit him). So last night, while my husband was playing with our puppy, he said, “CrazyDaisy!” And Ian walked into the room at precisely that time and said, “DAISY!” and smiled, all proud of himself.

Daisy. As in the dog’s name. The dog he isn’t so keen on.

Funny when that happens, eh?

In other news, April is autism awareness month. You know, in case you haven’t heard. And I’m sure you’ve heard. In our house, we’re very aware of autism. I think the campaigns are good in a way, and I love that some are now promoting acceptance, understanding and respect. I just ain’t the loud person with the megaphone type (which I am sure people are laughing about, because people that know me in real life are all, “OMG SHE IS SO LOUD! “). And I don’t change lightbulbs to different colors and stuff. But I applaud people for being passionate about something that affects their lives so much in order to bring about positive changes. So. There’s that.


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