When Human Kindness Goes A Long Way

I’ve always been a strong believer in being kind and generous to other people. Kinda like you get what you give (although, some people still feel the need to try to wreck my day, that’s neither here nor there). There are some things that earn you an automatic gold star in my book, and this was one of those times.

I just recently blogged about another random act of kindness that happened for my girls over on my own blog. I definitely think it’s worth 2 shout outs!!

This one though, probably warms my heart almost as much as the first shout out I did. I’ve mentioned my quest for me time before. I’ve come to realize that the girls love the  Holland Bloorview’s Ronald McDonald Playroom as much as I do. What’s not to love. Somebody ELSE telling them to clean up after themselves (but they actually LISTEN to Daniel) new toys and CRAFTS! Have I mentioned the crafts?! I swear Lauren kills at least 2 trees every time she goes. I’m running out of room for her artwork and she hasn’t even started school yet.

One thing that Jillian LOVES to do (besides fighting with Lauren) is to read books. This is also quite a good thing for Daniel, is to read books. (And while reading? She likes to cuddle. Who doesn’t like a cuddle?!) When Jillian first started at the playroom, Daniel had just gotten the position in the playroom. He noticed she liked to read, but the book shelves were in a far corner of the room, somewhere that Jillian couldn’t access quite well since she can only crawl.

The next time I dropped the girls off, I noticed the whole room re-organized. I said “oh wow! Daniel! This looks great!” He kinda smiled at me as I rushed out of the room for Jillian’s PT appointment. When we came back from PT, I was dropping Jillian off and going to rush out for a hot coffee by myself, Daniel stopped me and said that the playroom needed to be redone, BUT, he had put it like this because of Jillian. Really? MY kid? Where the bookshelf was before, she couldn’t get there. It was jammed in the corner, far away from everything else. Daniel has now moved the bookshelf to the middle of the room. So Jillian can get there and have access to ALL of the books (not just those on the bottom shelf). This act of kindness totally had me floored. I had tears in my eyes thinking that someone could be SO nice to us… To MY kid. And then it occurred to me. There are still absolutely amazing, kind people still in this world. And I’m SO lucky to know a bunch of them.


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