Feeling Like a Wimp Here

This will be short because my finger is hurting. It happens to be the index finger on my right (dominant) hand…perhaps the finger I use most…or at least I’m noticing how much I use it now that it’s hurting. You know how that goes. I think it is some sort of tendonitis or repetitive stress injury. I thought it was getting better but last night when I sat down with my laptop to do some writing it went something like this:

tap – ouch – tap tap tap – ouch – tap tap tap mouse – ouch!

So now I have it taped to the middle finger of my right hand so that I can still bend it but it has some support for whatever motions I’m attempting. I’m putting ice on it whenever I have time to try to reduce some inflammation.

I think it has given me a taste of empathy for our kids that struggle with fine motor control. Every little task I undertake requires extra thought and attention. My brain is tired from the effort…and today’s to do list looks even more daunting than usual.

Still I’m trying not to whine about it too much because it is, after all, just a taste. This too shall pass and it is one minor irritation. Our kids endure so much more, every day, and often for a lifetime.

So I’m going to go rest my finger, and my brain now, but with a good dose of perspective and respect for our kids.


I did also want to point you to this guest post that I wrote for Barbara Manatee’s blog My Sweet Life in recognition of Autism Awareness month. Drop by and visit her series in honor of this special month. Thanks!

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