The Eruption…

My daughter is home schooled…sorta.

See, we utilize an online virtual public school for her education. This has served us perfectly with Jack’s needs and our crazy schedules.

The problem I have with public schools is this ridiculous state testing that each student must pass. So, you know, the entire year is geared towards passing a test instead of broadening horizons and creativity (or art or music…I could go on…).

Last year, we had a very rude run in with the site coordinator. She informed me that she wanted me to leave the area with Jack because he was too loud. Of course, I seethed and glared and complained to the school…but to no avail.

This year, at the very beginning of the year, I spoke with her teacher regarding this situation. I explained, in very clear English, the issues we have with J testing in a room full of 43 (Yes, I counted) other children:

* Jack could DIE if he gets sick.

I was informed that it was too early in the year for such worries.

Last month, I again, tried to have a conversation about getting accommodations made for J. Their response was to offer to meet her at the curb so that I didn’t have to get Jack out of the car. Sure, it’s not the most fun thing to drag him out and back with the wheelchair and all, but it’s do-able. This is not the issue. It’s the fact that my kid is immunocompromised and you’re asking his sister to sit in a 15’x 15′ room with FORTY-THREE other kids.

So, Monday came. They had assured me that she would be taking the test at a separate time than her same-aged peers.

When I walked in, the site coordinator called me by name and then told me she was setting up a spot for J since “you’re afraid of germs.” J cried. She told me she hated that this lady was being so ugly and hateful. She was scared to death that she was going to make Jack sick herself.

I seethed. I drove to the Kroger and bawled to my husband who couldn’t understand me but offered to buy me something good to put in my coffee…

I digress.

Thid cat and mouse went on all week. She gave me snide grins, and I gave her the Evil Eye.

I’m fuming.

And I cannot find anywhere that there has been accommodations met for siblings of children with special needs. Have there been?

My feelings are that they could make accommodations, they just choose not to.

Especially when there were only a few children getting accommodations, and I would have rather had my child tested with them.

My internal volcano is erupting.

I am crying for both of my children…because they are both suffering because of the ignorance and intolerance of others. I can write letters. I can scream from the top of the house. Yet, nothing I do will change the fact that my child’s school cares more about a stupid test than they do about the well-being of my son.


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