The Special Mother

Here we are…mere days away from Mother’s Day. The day when flowers flow, cards are signed, and meals are eaten out.

Facebook pictures have changed to reflect the image of ‘Mom.” Twitter is all a-twitter with comments ranging from “I love my mom” to “All I want for Mother’s Day is jewelry.”

There’s part of me that wants to cry—not because of the way my life has turned out, but because the world is so blind. The commercialism of the holiday has made people forget what the day is truly about: honor.

I have the best of both worlds, truly. I have a gorgeous, talented, brilliant daughter who is going to set this world on fire. I also have a Jack—laden with all his issues, but sweet and simply adorable.

Being the mother to a special needs child is not always easy (Truth: it’s never easy). There are days when I am sure my head is going to pop off my shoulders…we have appointments and medications and melt downs. Other days, I am the most needed human being on the earth…being licked, touched, held, smooshed, and squeezed.

But beyond all that, we have had to sit in a room while a doctor tells us some really harsh realities. We have watched our children bear things in their short lives that grown people have never experienced.

Some of us just want our children to be here for our next Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to you. I want you to know that you are honored…not forgotten in the midst of worldly commercialism.

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