How to Relax and Get Off Life’s Raging Rapids

You know when a speaker is sharing a great story with an audience, and they reveal a lesson learned…. and you’re sitting there thinking What?? I got something completely different out of that!

That’s me too. Maybe it’s just because we live life from a different angle as special needs parents. Whatever the reason, while listening to a friend speak recently, this happened to me again. She shared how she was thrown from the boat while river rafting with friends in northern California one summer. For a few moments, she flailed in class three rapids – freezing and terrified – until a friend pulled her back in to the boat.

Her takeaway? The parallels between the rapids and our fear and stress as parents.

My takeaway? Please get me off the river!

Perhaps you find yourself here as well. Since we can’t actually get off the river of life whenever we’re burned out, we’ll have to get a little creative. The following are off-the-river ideas for when we just need a break from the rapids. It’s come from friends, favorite sites like Dumb Little Man and LifeHacker, and from my own experience. Even if you’re not in the rapids today, chances are they’ll pick up again sometime, so hang on to this list and add your own favorites for when you really need it!

Ideas to Rest and Recharge
Listen to classical music
Talk a walk on the beach, or even just around the block
Watch a river run over pebbles
Play with a pet
Cuddle a baby
Smile at a child
Get lost in the great outdoors
Collect shells at the beach
Invite friends for dinner
Call a friend on the phone
Play games
Take a power nap
Do yoga
Do any sport that helps you to relax
Read a good book
Go sailing
Go hiking
Listen to your iPod
Watch a funny movie
Watch a kids movie
Gaze into the landscape
Gaze into candlelight
Read by candlelight
Do some scrapbooking
Find a new hobby
Hibernate with a cup of herbal tea and a good book
Take a relaxing bath
Get a massage
Lie down in the grass and gaze up into the sky
Walk barefoot
Reflect on your life
Work out
Take a long shower
Take a vacation
Go for a weekend getaway

May you have a blessed, restful and joyous week!


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