The Lost Voice

This morning when I dropped Peanut off for school I realized I didn’t have her iPod Touch. She uses her iPod touch to communicate at school and over the last several months it has been a great way for her to participate in class. This isn’t the first time I have not had her “voice” when I took her to school, but those other times I was sure she had left it at school. Today, however was different. I was pretty sure it had come home with her.

Since I wasn’t going straight into work today, I came home to look for her voice. After a cursory look in the normal places and searching the car, I came up empty. I went back to school to search her backpack, hoping against hope it would be there. 

It wasn’t.

Losing  this iPod Touch is like losing Peanut’s voice. Sure she can still communicate, but not as effectively. When we chose this system it was with the thought that it could be lost and would be less expensive to replace than others, but still it is a hassle. I’m not sure if all the Voice4U additions would still be available. I was worried all the hard work the school had put into the system would be lost. And, I wasn’t keen on forking out another $200. 

I started retracing my steps. I called the mom of another girl with Down syndrome who Peanut is close friends with. They can be a little sneaky with the Voice and sometimes M ends up with it around her neck as her mom and I chat after school. I asked her to keep an eye out for it just in case it ended up in their car last night.

I came back home after an appointment to make a more thorough search. All I can say is, I’m glad I can think like my daughter, because, this is where I found it.

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