Summer will happen, if I can get my paperwork done

Mountains During Summer Camp Gina St. Aubin

With spring comes the cleaning. Moving through closets, changing out clothes, making the donation pile, giving your kiddos the spray bottle and a cloth to clean whatever windows they can reach (a great way entertain them too). But it’s also the time for more paperwork.

For our family, this means we’re looking at summer programs, summer camps, insurance paperwork for such, now (yeah!) medicaid paperwork, along with programs or classes for our other kiddos, sanity for the parents and anything else we can dream of. It’s overwhelming. You end up needing a break from planning for a ‘break’. Though I’m still not certain who this ‘break’ is for (digressing)…

On my list, a summer camp we attended last summer in the mountains thanks to a donation to our family and a condo provided by a friend. We’ll be going again this year. The possibility of three weeks of day camp for J that will work on social, occupational, speech and physical therapies, drama for the littlest drama queen, Jiu Jitsu for B (really – don’t ask) swimming for all, an EEG for J, and just having fun with the family.

Not to mention tearing down our dilapidated deck, painting…something…and oh yeah, I get to go to Blogher for the first time EVER. Now all this will happen, if I can just finish all my paperwork….

What are your summer plans?

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