Try This Tuesday #30: Teaching the How and Why of Hygiene

Try This Tuesday

If you’d like to join in but aren’t sure what to write about, try the topic suggestion for this week: Teaching the How and Why of Hygiene.

*****Unfortunately, I have been out of commission for the last several days due to a severe migraine, so I wasn’t able to write about our experiences with this topic. I apologize for getting this up a bit late and without much substance.

I am starting to feel better now and should be back on track for next week. Thank you all for your support – I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic or whatever is on your mind.*****

Please join in and share the creative solutions YOU have found to your own challenges, or feel free to post your own challenge for input from others. For more details on how to participate, read the welcome post.

Topic Suggestion for Next Week: Birthday Parties. Does your child like going to them? How do they like to celebrate their own birthdays?

As the host of Try This Tuesday, Trish shares some of the solutions she has found to make life easier and invites you to do the same. You can also find her blogging at Another Piece of the Puzzle and Autism Interrupted.

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