A Dad’s Eye View

One of the things that frequently runs through my mind when I come to contribute to 5MFSN is that after almost 11 years of having a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, I don’t carry anything like the number of anxieties I did when she was born.

We’ve been through the not feeding properly, the open heart surgery, the decision about whether we put her through mainstream education or special schooling. This means Meg’s DS is virtually a non-issue 99%of the time.

This makes it difficult to think what to contribute to 5MFSN each time I sit at the computer.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the vast majority of contributors and commenters on this site are mothers.

So I’ve had a thought…

A Dad’s Eye View

My guess is, that while most mothers are able to be very empathetic and supportive for each other, some will be puzzled, curious, or outrightly confused by particular actions or reactions from the men in their lives, and a perspective from a father’s point of view could be useful.

Now this might be a superb idea, or an awful one. I have to admit it occured to me at 4am one morning, so I accept I could be on dodgy ground.

However, if anyone thinks this is a good idea then I’m happy to post a weekly, fortnightly or monthly slot, depending on demand, to answer questions from a father’s perspective.

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Please leave your comments, ideas and questions in the comments of this post. Or, if you would like me to write about an issue but don’t wish your name to be publically associated with it, feel free to email me at kimayres // at // gmail.com, where your privacy is assured.

Kim Ayres
Kim is usually to be found at his own blog, Ramblings of the Bearded One. Although you will find tales about his daughter, Meg, under his “Down’s Syndrome” category, you’ll find far more simply under “Fatherhood

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