Tag Along

I don’t have much to say this week so I’m posting these photos of my Precious from this week.

Here she is at a piano recital for her sister last week. Precious wanted to wear fairy wings and a Minnie Mouse headband and I said “why the heck not?”

All three kids before Sweet Pea's recital

Our neighbours were selling their ‘tag-along’ bicycle that you attach to the back of the adult bicycle so the child can ride along, too. When the whole family goes for a bike ride, Precious can’t keep up on her training wheels and this tag-along is a great solution. She pedals and helps Daddy and can go as fast as him. Once she got used the wobbly feeling of the tag-along, she wanted to go around the block “two more times!” I biked alongside them and it was great fun.

Tagging along with Daddy

Have a great week

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