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Do Unto Others

A few weeks ago, my cousin posted something on Facebook that had been making the rounds. It was a simple note from a doctor (real? fake?) basically stating that this doctor was against health care reform because the problem was not health care issues but the fact that Medicaid is a diseased program, that everyone…

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Teaching Something

I’ve read many posts about educating others about what it means to be special needs, about how to be honest about the medical equipment or attitude issue so that the person learning understands the basics and can then treat that person (or others like him/her) with respect. But, I think it’s easier said than done….

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Being Schooled

So, I’m new here. I really appreciate you having me, listening to me wax poetic about raising a child with special needs. I have a beautiful baby boy that we affectionately call “The Great Potato,” who graces our lives everyday with his beauty and wisdom. Having a special needs child can sometimes make me feel…

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