A Home Crossroads

We’ve thought about moving. There’s nothing’s wrong with our house, we love it…but we felt trapped. Trapped with houses all around us, nothing to look at, no escape from the special kind of race we’re running, no reprieve, no privacy to speak as we will without the entire neighborhood in on our private conversations…if we had time to have private conversations.

We’re close enough to the mountains that seeing them gives hope and insight to a world beyond our own where all possibilities are possible. Living the “special happens” life, gets a little easier if you feel there are possibilities and inspiration. Not to see the mountains for the sea of houses is irritating to say the least.

And dogs crap on our lawn. A lot. So few considerate enough to watch their free-roaming pooches; few considerate enough to clean up after their pooping pooches or consider the allergies or fears some of the 20+ children on our street might have, much less some of the adults. Save for a few neighbors and passersby, this is the norm. This one of the inconsiderations….coupled with the feeling that you can’t breathe and the enormity of the responsibilities laid upon our shoulders, we looked to move.

Except, with all the considerations needed to be made, there was no place to go. Our home is unnaturally (apparently) open. Our home is large…large enough to entertain the un-entertainable, to give J the room he seems to need to not feel closed in. Save for the lack of some in consideration of their neighbors verses their pooches, our neighbors are good. Thoughtful, appearing to accept that our family is different, they watch out for our kiddos, knowing that if we’re not out with them, they probably escaped. Having neighbors who are kind to and look out for your kiddos is priceless.

Our school is a treasure. Our home is a treasure. Our kiddos need stability. Our neighbors do their best when, really, it’s not their obligation to do so. So, instead, we’ve decided to stay. To swim or drown. We choose to float and turn our house into a home that gives the feeling of reprieve, sanctuary and longevity that we so need.

What have you done when at this kind of crossroads?

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