I have handicapped parking

For a reason!! I’ve blogged here before about things that have been said to me either seriously or in passing. Mostly then, I was explaining I don’t always need advice or criticism. I had a situation happen last week that shook me to the core. I’m pretty open and honest about everything, with good reason and really, it takes a lot to get me rattled anymore.

I certainly have my fair share of pity days, but they’re becoming few and far between. The other day, the girls and I went to the grocery store while Adam was still at work to grab a few things for dinner. I figured it would be a quick trip into the store and out. I pull my car into a handicap spot and start to get out of my car.

This elderly man approaches me. And it’s evident, he’s pissed. He YELLS at me for taking a handicap spot. I said “I’m sorry, my daughter is in a wheelchair” seriously? I didn’t have to answer to this man, I was just trying to save myself from confrontation. I guess this wasn’t suitable response for old man. He wasn’t limping or using a cane or anything. Obviously in fairly decent health, not that I was checking him out or anything.

Old man decides to say “You’re YOUNG! You should WALK that far” uh. Hi. Did you miss the part where my child is in a wheelchair?? (Not to mention my own diagnosis which could use a handicap permit). I was in the process of lugging Jillian’s 50 lbs wheelchair out of the back of the car. This “gentleman” had the NERVE to say “You lazy youngsters taking all the handicap spots. You’re just F*cking lazy! At that moment, I was quite glad I was wearing sunglasses. I couldn’t help but be upset.

What would you have done? I really wanted a snarky comment but I couldn’t make one that quickly. I really would have preferred not to get upset at all, but obviously that didn’t happen.

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