No, Not, won’t, can’t…The Negativity disease

I’m on facebook a lot…so much it’s an addiction, I think. But there are people that I connect with on there that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to otherwise. I have over 200 friends (and I actually know these people <surprisingly>). But I find that there are people that post Negative thoughts a lot, I don’t mean just once a month  because it’s a bad day…I’m talking daily even hourly! and not just my hair wouldn’t lay right or ugh I have to go grocery shopping. I know we all have bad days once- in- a- while and sometimes it seems like they out number the good days BUT is it necessary to complain about everything? 

I find that once you get into the negative areas thatfrequently that it consumes your life. There for everything becomes negative…that woman pushed the wrong button on the elevator <huff> now I’m going to be late. The driver cut me off, oh that frosts my cupcakes, I’m gonna ride his tail. It becomes impossible to have a great day! You begin to look for all the negative things through out the day…my child can’t or won’t or couldn’t do what I asked. Instead of thinking my child tried to do xyz to the best of his or her ability. If you continuously look at the glass as half empty that’s what it is…missing the potential of being full. Not living up to our expectations of being full. Once you’re in the land of Never positive only negative it’s a long hard climb back out. So when the doctors tell you he’ll never be able to do whatever…we should say but he will do what he is able. He’ll never walk…but I do think he’ll get around. So what if he rolls across the room, so what if he G I Joe’s across the floor, so what if he pushes off of furniture to get across the floor. and if he sees that ball across the room & wants it…and this is how he gets across the room…he’s accomplished problem solving too. Under estimating our children happens all to frequently. 

Count your blessings, savour the moments that are beyond expectations. Point out the good in all they do. What has your child done this week that if you think about it…truly is a miracle???

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