I Know the Answer…Yet, I Ask Anyway

“Out of curiosity, how does his version of ESES (J’s form of epilepsy) compare to other kids you’ve seen with it?”

This is my question to the neuropsychologist in the neurology department – designated specifically for epilepsy patients – that we met with yesterday. I don’t know why I ask these questions. We have our general opinions, our own knowledge of how J’s diagnosis’ impact his life, our family, but still, I ask. Because…I need affirmation? Understanding? Torture?

Her answer, “Well…he has a lot of other issues compounding his ESES. The Autism alone is making a huge impact and makes it tougher for him than for other kids with ESES. His ability to answer questions, understand what’s being asked, and engage with (the tester) makes it more difficult for him. So…I guess, I’d say he is a little worse off.

GREAT! Well OF COURSE it is…obviously to be read with a canyon of sarcasm. We know this. We see it….but we don’t “know” another with his version of anything and therefore we don’t really “know” how it compares. But, it was confirmed, affirmed, understood…yet…not torturous. It’s honestly just another reminder of just how special our super hero is!

What questions do you ask just for torture?

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