No Children Allowed!

Have you read this article yet? (I’ll give you a minute…)

I’m infertile. Sometimes, I watch people with babies, and I get extremely jealous. Other times, I watch with sheer joy–because a child means life…the future. Because I cannot have children…that doesn’t mean that I want to avoid them at all costs.

Also, I don’t like being told I can’t do something. I’m a rebel like that…I’ll be the first one in line to break a rule. It’s a character flaw.

All of that aside, no one ever thinks of the ramifications of such a “rule” to us, the parents of SN kids.

We already get looks and talked about behind our backs on a good day. Heaven forbid we are having a bad day, and the Olive Garden pushes our youngsters over the edge! Suddenly, our name is the name on the lips of the entire restaurant.

We fight so hard for our children to be included in the world. I actively seek out the quiet restaurants, places with soft lighting, and those with lower stimuli—because, this isĀ easier for my son to handle. We go at off times (you know, we like to hang with the Early Birds at 3 PM dinner) so we don’t bother others.

I cannot control other people’s children. I can (sorta) control mine. They have been to the theater, to plays, and to fancy restaurants. Mostly, no one knows they are there (well, they know Jack is there, but J is inconspicuous!). If life gets rough, or moments tense, we bolt outside.

What do you think? How do you feel about “bans” in general?

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