My buddy and me~~

Ok, maybe it dates me that I can remember that tune that played out on television…”My buddy, my BUDdy, My buddy and me can climb up a tree, my buddy and me are the best friends we can be~~ My buddy and me”

Meet our Buddy "Toodles" yes named after Mickey Mouse clubhouse O'Toodles

I wish I could turn the picture for you…but editing isn’t letting me. Anyway, this is Toodles. A few posts ago I mentioned that we were considering purchasing a buddy for our son. I had a cocker spaniel picked out…went to adopt and she was already spoken for that was Saturday. We looked around at what was avaible. Saw some really cute dogs, mostly big dogs. Came across one that was a mix…boxer and mastif mix. Although I have to say I was seeing English Bulldog on stilts when I saw him. Went home empty handed. But coudn’t shake the boxer/mastif mix out of my head. Did the research on AKC’s site to see what their temperment was and had decided that Monday morning we’d go and adopt him….He had already been adopted. Again home without a dog but we had seen a weiner dog (forgive me I think of how to spell the proper name tonight). It’s becoming a habit to be there every day, so I went to see if he was up for adoption yet. No tag as of yet…but I went to the room down the hall. There was a smaller room off the back, but locked. I went up to the front desk to see if these were adoptable animals. It was the puppy room he called it and tossed me his keys. My husband brought our son in, with his wheelchair and we went to check out a dog I had seen in the puppy room. First thing, first…the dog was getting so excited that we were in this little room (there were only 3 dogs and 2 were puppies one was an older one)  I got out the older dog and pet him. seemed friendly enough, I sat him on my son’s lap in his wheelchair…he was the perfect fit. He promptly turned to my son and licked his cheek and then snuggled into him. My son smiled and laughed (in the squeal that he does) and the dog just sat there. I looked at my husband and asked him what he thought, of course it’s up to you is the answer I got. It was an older dog, the pound was saying he’s 10 years old. Being a small dog he could live another 4-5 years. He’s a miniature schnauzer/yorkie mix…although I question if he really is mixed and if he’s really 10 years old. He’s been absolutely perfect! Potty training was instant 🙂 which made things beautiful for us. Only one accident right after surgery (neutering) when he got home, but nothing since. He’s a jumper, jumped out of a pen I got for him to sleep in but not the first night. Took him back downstairs and put up a child proof fence…only for him to jump that too. So he hopped on the bed and made his bed at the bottom of my son’s feet. Snuggles with him in the morning, but even today let me know he was awake from a nap. He travels back and forth with us to my mom’s house and has wormed his way into all our hearts. 
 He’s been a great addition to our family! I think he knows it too :
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