Summertime and the Living is Easy

Around here, we have 2 months off every summer. Well, the kids do, anyway. The first two weeks of summer, the girls were home with a teenager from two doors down. They went to swimming lessons everyday and got lots of attention from the babysitter.

The third week of the summer, Precious went to her new daycare for the first time and she did great. They had a woman from the integration services organization there the first day and she observed Precious, helped her fit in, and sent home a very positive consult note. For the field trip to the skating rink, DH took an hour off of work and went over and skated with Precious, even though the lady from Integration had offered to do it.

Now we’ve been on vacation as a family for a week and it feels like a year. We left immediately after work on Friday, or should I say two hours after after getting home from work and running around frantically trying to pack and then fit everything in the car!

We rented a cottage nearby from some friends. It’s a gorgeous log cabin in the woods, so it was cool inside, with lots of windows, four bedrooms and bunkie. But the best part was swimming and all the family and friends that came to stay with us throughout the week. Our friends Sean and Holly brought their two kids and their daughter and my two played so well together. I was thrilled to see their daughter treat Precious as typical and even choose her as a playmate over my older daughter, who is normally preferred.

The kids swam with floaties, sprayed each other with water guns, roasted marshmallows and played in the cabin.

For a whole week. Aaaah.

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