Surviving “Too Many Balls In The Air”

The holiday has passed, the change of season seems to be upon us – something I am nothing short of thankful for. It’s this time of the year I get energized, my mood is much happier, the bounce is added to my step. If this morning is any indication, it’s a good thing it is.

My activities of the morning:

  • Letting J sleep in since he hasn’t slept for more than 10 minutes in the last 48 hours
  • Getting the youngers (my made up word for O and B) dressed and ready for their first day of school with Mom and Dad as their helpers
  • Return from above trip because I never looked at my calendar to see we were 1 hour and 45 minutes early
  • Let my mom go home, who was at our house watching over J since he slept in
  • Got J ready for school and us re-ready for school
  • Sent an email to the New Ms. SSN, his Para (aide) and the principal requesting the Para’s involvement in J’s Tri-Annual IEP, in all goals, etc; it’s coming up in October. Also informing the new Ms. SSN that she should no longer talk down to J as it disrupts their rapport building and take guidance from the aides currently on staff
  • Informed the school of J’s break-through seizure last week
  • Attend the first day (okay, it was an hour) of school with the youngers
  • Ask my mom to return to our house as the dishwasher repair man was there and we were with our youngers
  • Inform the epileptologist of the break-through seizure last week, requesting Dilantin in case more seizures occur before his scheduled infusion
  • Answer emails, write this post, feed kids and move forward

Somewhere tucked in here, I had a conversation with another parent of a child with special needs. Seemingly overwhelmed, she used the phrase, “too many balls up in the air”. A phrase I’ve been using recently. A phrase I’ve also recently heard others use. I’m sure a phrase you’ve used as well, or you might now realize describes your life at any given moment in time. Yes, it would seem parents of children with special needs not only balance the regular workings of a family but the added stressors, therapy, communications and more that come with our special life.

My wonder is this, what would you tell my friend overwhelmed with tasks? What do you do yourself to get through all that’s required of you…or, can you get through it well at all?

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