I Went to the Dark Side…

I did it.

I went to the Dark Side.

All this time, I’ve been super vocal about the difference between being an advocate and being a…. well, you know.

Yesterday, all that changed.

(To read the whole drama, go here)

I felt bad about it all day. I felt like I had worked so hard to be well-educated (hello, Master’s Degree in Nursing anyone?) and professional, as well as always prepared and level-headed, when I spoke with Jack’s physicians. When I saw the pain and fear in my son’s eyes, and no one was doing anything about that little fact, I lost my religion and my mind in one fell swoop. It was like my evil twin took over my body and had her way with it.

(Really, the doctor looked at me like “what on earth is she doing?”)

So, my friends….have you ever lost  it on your child’s doctor? Can we just laugh about it and move on? (Please….) đŸ™‚

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